A Few New Year’s Resolutions

So I decided to wait it out until today to start a few resolutions that I had at first wanted to start out a month ago. Hopefully with this new year we all will keep to our resolutions.

Besides the usual wanting to lose weight and be happier. I wrote down a few more resolutions to keep me going. So remember that Read 100 Books thing that I wanted to do about two months back? Well I decided to start that today. I picked out 100 books that I already own and I am hoping to finish them before the end of this year. I will be writing reviews on them and hopefully get a few more people interested in what the hell I am reading.

I also wanted to grow my comic book collection and my coupon stockpile. My comic book collection isn’t that big but I am hoping to at least grow it to a box or two. My stockpile is big enough to fill one bookshelf but I want it to take up at least two or three before the year is up.

Going to a convention is a big one for me. I want to go to Comic Con this year. I’m not sure how that will go but hopefully it’ll happen!!!

I pretty much want to do a whole mess of geeky stuff and a ton of projects. Not sure how this is gonna go down but I expect that it will be one hell of a journey. One that I’m going to share with everyone!!! You’ll hear more from me since I really want to be a little more active when it comes to blogging. Hopefully I get better and not bore the hell out of you!!! Onward we go!!!!


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