The Tears of a Nerd

So for two days straight, I have been buying comics from our local comic book store. Which is awesome of course. And then I realize…

Why can’t my whole pay check just go to comics, shows, games, movies, books, costumes, and other nerdy stuff??? As a matter of fact… Why can’t I just get paid for being a nerd!!!?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. I’m half tempted to just ask my local comic book store for a job but something tells me that I would not be taken seriously. T.T I would so take that job over the one that I have now.

But damn, men look at me and are all like “She has no idea where she’s at or what she’s talking about. Does she?” -.- I’ll have you know that I do. I’m as much as a Comic girl as any other man around. Sometimes, I just so want to prove to you men what a nerdy girl does know.


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