A Little More Personal (Major Wedding Rant)

So big day tomorrow. Tomorrow is finally my wedding day!

And boy am I pissed off.

Let me explain. I’ve been planning to marry this girl for almost 3 damn years. Of course right now, we are broke and unstable. But we didn’t see why we couldn’t just go get hitched. In two years we’ll plan a nice ceremony and invite everyone we love!

Obviously this means we are only having a court wedding and inviting witnesses for both ends and the family that she is currently living with. (This is just a family of two!) I invited my best friend as my witness. She invited one of her younger sisters to be her’s.

The problem: EVERYONE wants to go to our wedding. EVERYONE! I have explained to them countless times that I am only getting married by court and the court only allows 15 people over all. I should have just kept my mouth shut. Everyone insists on going and beg and cry and throw a damn fit.

Tonight, my fiancee told me she got into a big argument with her other sister because she wanted to be the witness and she wanted to come along. The catch was that we had to go pick her up and then later take her back home. Plus she wanted us to throw a party. Where the fuck was I going to come up with the money to do all that. We can barely afford the damn marriage license fee!

I told my fiancee that her other sister can come. BUT… No party, and she had to get her own ride.

Oh my fiancee acted as if I just told her I killed her whole family. She demanded to know why. She thought I was being unreasonable. She said she was being forced to look like the bad guy. Blah blah blah blah BLAH!!!

How the flying fuck was I being unreasonable!? I didn’t say she couldn’t go. All I asked was that she get her own ride! But suddenly I’m the bad guy and her sister thinks we are being greedy. Really???

Ok… I could spend all this time explaining how I’m not being greedy and give out all my reasons all nicely as possible. But right now I’m so mad. I’m just going to say things exactly the way I want to and exactly the way I mean them.

IT’S MY FUCKING WEDDING!!!!! The day is supposed to be about me anyways! Not you! And I’m marrying your sister! Not you! So either kindly stfu and find your own ride to get here or just stay the hell home. It’s not going to kill me to not have you there when it was only supposed to be the witnesses in the first place.

Argh… This is gonna make me look like a horrible person. But frankly I’m tired of people’s shit. Bite me. Have a Happy Fucking Halloween.


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