So I read a blog that had actually been put up by my boss. That blog was about her first date with her later to be husband. She spoke about how a very awkward conversation where he wanted to discuss PDA. And she had thought that he had meant a birth defect that happens in animal. Though what he meant was Public Displays of Affections. I have to admit, that was pretty awkward and a great story to tell now about ten years later.

Her story got me thinking about my first dates with my fiancee. And immediately my mind went to a very very awkward moment.

It was back in 2011. My girlfriend and I had been dating for about a week. We really couldn’t do much together because I was so scared that my parents would find out that I was with her. My parents were very against same sex couples and at the time, we had to hide everything.

So before out date we had decided to meet up behind a few classes at our college. It was freezing and she was sick with a cold. Once we saw each other, we immediately hugged, missing each other and just wanting to spend some nice alone time together. We had decided to sit down for a bit of cuddling before we went out on our date. All nice and romantic. Almost like what you would see in movie, except with two girls of course. But we decided to get going before we ended up not having any time left for our date. (At the time, my parents had a strict time limit on me. I was to leave for school 30 minutes before it started and I had to be back home about 30 minutes after my last class ended. If I was late by even a minute, I would of course come home to a bunch of nagging.)

Before we decided to head off, she pulled me in for a nice romantic kiss. Another movie moment. When we pulled apart, I felt like my cheek had been wet. I rubbed hand against my wet cheek and looked down. A booger. My girlfriend’s nose must have been running and most likely when we were kissing, her nose pressed up against my cheek.

To save her from the embarrassment, I pretended like nothing happened. She hadn’t noticed that “gift” she had left behind and hadn’t seen me cleaning my hand with a tissue. And we continued on our merry way.

It wasn’t until two years later that I told her about that embarrassing moment, and of course she squealed, hid, refused to talk to me and just wanted to die. Though to me it obviously wasn’t that bad because now, almost three years later, we are about to get married. It’s just another story to tell. ❤Image


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