100 Books in a Year Challenge

So today at work, I was approached with an interesting challenge. Can I ready 100 books in a span of a year??? Of course I can, silly mortals!

I would have liked to have started this challenge on the new year but I just can’t wait considering that I have about 20 books waiting for me at the public library that I really should go pick up tomorrow morning. Lol.

This will be my new hobby for the year!!! 100 books, complete with summaries and reviews. I can do that. Though I have to admit that I most likely will make sure that the majority of these contain some type of gay romance in it. Sorry but that’s my preference. If it doesn’t have it then very rarely will I enjoy it. Unless it’s one of those awesome books like Harry Potter. Lol.

And no Twilight will not be part of these 100 books. I hate that series. I wonder if I should do the same challenge with some movies. Lol. Just a thought!!! ❤


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