Recent Problems

So I’m not sure if anyone else has ever had this problem but I recently started to get these weird numbers calling my cellphone. Well, the weird numbers is not the problem. The problem is that it’s always the same guy talking about a prize I just won. Which is great an all, except when this guy gets hostile because I won’t accept the prize because he is asking for personal information and stuff.

Like, duh, I’m not gonna give you personal shit just so that you can rob me of god knows what! But does he give up? No. He calls and calls and calls. Even if I hang up, don’t call or put him straight to voicemail. He’ll still call at least like 5 times back to back and then later decides that he might just try again in a few hours, just in case I decide I’ll pick up that next time. 

Like no. 

Just take the hint buddy. This has been happening for like a month now. I have gone to the phone company to get him blocked from calling my cell but for some reason nothing has been done to block this. -.- Majorly sucks.

What bothers me more is that this guy, who insists on give me some grand prize, isn’t even calling for me! He’s asking for a Gloria Gonzales. I’ve politely told him, wrong number. I’ve aggressively told him ONCE AGAIN WRONG NUMBER!!! But he insists that I’m this person. -.-

He’ll ask me for my name of course. And I won’t tell him because, well, I’m not giving my name out to some guy who I don’t know and is pushing this sorta thing on me when I don’t want it. So naturally he thinks I’m lying since I don’t give out my name. He’s convinced himself that I must be this person. So maybe on day he’ll get me to just admit it. Seriously, buddy, I’m not falling for your scam. -.- Just get over it.

He’s like the obsessive boyfriend that never leaves! O.O Geezus. Maybe one day I’ll be given a number that won’t attract random oddballs that I’m not ok. One day… -insert crossed fingers-


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